About me


I started showing interest in yoga around 2014 after getting bored with the 5 minute stretches I would do before and after my gym visits. It soon grew into an obsession where I would practice every single day. As a result, my flexibility and strength has increased.

I often get asked if I danced or did gymnastics as a child because of my yoga practice but I never had the opportunity. Getting intoย the splits at the age of 27 (a year into my practice) was what I would call a great “side effect” of my practice, but getting stronger was even more exciting for me!ย How close you get to the ground doesn’t matter, how you treat and respect your own limitations by practicing in a safe way is what really matters.

I completed my vinyasa yoga teacher training in 2016 with Yoga Warrior because I want to share my love for yoga in the most safe and effective way possible. The mind is such a powerful tool and being able to integrate that with a physical practice is key. I’ll never stop learning, yoga isn’t something where you feel like you have peaked and you cannot do any more.

So there you have it, yoga is for everyone and whether you want to achieve a deeper practice or develop more strength and flexibility, I am here to help you make that happen ๐Ÿ™‚